Who are we?

Welcome to our treasure chest.

The definition of Weird is uncanny, fate, destiny and the supernatural, we hope you enjoy the journey into the World of Weird Stuff.

Vic and Cheryl have been jointly collecting now for 45 years. Their mission at Weird Stuff is to 'protect History'. They also believe in recycling and reusing rare quality goods from the past rather than consuming and producing ' as much as possible. Now, that is not to say that one should not buy new, however, there is always a special place in ones home for something from the past. It makes their day when a customer finds exactly what they have been looking for, and the item finds a great home.

Whether it is a bronze light from the Turn of the Century, Roman coins, antique toys, records,rare books, or something as simple as an old comic book. One definitely takes a walk down memory lane as they listen to music from the 50's, 60's, 70's ,or present day playing in the background.

Both children and the elderly love the atmosphere at Weird Stuff .They often make it a point to come back to look for that special gift. Children are mesmerized by the old candy arcade or the old mechanical banks, while it allows their parents to shop the World, and to have great conversations with others who are also hunting for treasures.

With items ranging from time spans between 5000 BC to current day collectibles, one is bound to find an incredible treasure! This includes film production companies looking for that perfect prop to create that perfect set.

It is Christmas everday at Weird Stuff ,one never knows what treasure will arrive on a daily basis.

Weird Stuff has just recently evolved into a Tesla Energy Center. Tesla energy products such as Violet Rays and purple plates, as well as educational items are now avaliable. Stay posted for items and new information on the hidden secrets of the past by visiting our site.

May you Learn, have Hope and become Empowered by the hidden knowledge from the past, as well as finding that one treasure that you have always been looking for.

Weird Stuff