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Updated: 7 years 32 weeks ago

1920's Spelter Memorial Star of David Light

November 03, 2012

Just arrived at Weird Stuff, a gorgeous Spelter base 1920 Art Deco Memorial Star of David. The great thing about these (if you come across them) is that the filament never burns out. ore.

A great soft night light.

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Deomonstration Video on the History and Use of the Tesla Violet Rays Machine

October 28, 2012

For those who are intersted in the Tesla Violet Ray here is a condensed video on the brief History as well as the use, according to the original Dr.s manual given with the violet rays machine.


A Demonstration Video for the Tesla Violet Rays Machine

October 28, 2012

For all of the Tesla violet Ray fans out there,here is a condensed version of a demo on how to use the violet ray.

Click here for viewing

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Gollum arrives at Weird Stuff

September 30, 2012

Just arrived at Weird Stuff the one and only Gollum/Smeagol from Lord of the Rings.

A limited edition extrememly detailed promotional casting for a few selected stores by Warner Brothers, to promote the first film Lord of the Rings.

So incredible to real life the resemblance is uncanny, and is a must have piece for any serious Tolken collector,or film buff.

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The Genius Nikola Tesla

September 21, 2012

Once again Tesla supports the Higher Intelligence that really makes the world work.

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Late 60's Electrohome Flying Saucer Stereo

September 15, 2012

Just arrived at Weird Stuff this must have for every bachelor!! Late 60's Electrohome turntable definitely a conversation piece for your old vinyl.

Stay tuned for more antiques from Weird Stuff,Hamilton's most Unusaul store :)


Late 60's electrohome Flying Saucer Stereo

September 01, 2012

Perfect for playing yoiur vinyl with a flare.....a must for every bachelor according to Playboy!!

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The Ten Inventions of Nikola Tesla that Changed the World

August 24, 2012

And people still think that if his theories worked we would be using them LOL

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The Walking Monk

August 11, 2012

Meet Duruka and Billie who are supporters of the Walking Monk who just walked from Cape Spear NB to Hamilton,Ont and popped into Weird Stuff Store to check us out....for more information check out

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