Chaga Root beer Elixir 8 ounce

Finally in stock at Weird Stuff Store Hamilton. This is definitely one of the most healthiest, delicious elixir I have ever tasted. The Root beer sends it over the top.


Prosperous quantities of beta-glucans, polysaccharides & triterpenes within Chaga activate immune strength. The fully matured birch trees that...


Chaga Tea One of the main reasons that chaga tea is so incredibly beneficial is that the levels of antioxidants and vitamins that it has to offer are much higher than many other herbal teas. In fact, chaga mushrooms has one of the highest antioxidant level in the entire world. High antioxidant levels make it an excellent drink for preventing...

magical crystals

A variety of gorgeous,mysticat .powerful crystals just arrived at Weird Stuff...I
think my favourite is the desert rose sand quartz that actually grows in the pretty.

Stay tuned for more crystals at Weird Stuff Hamilton's most unusual antique store


Serrapeptase, also known as serratio peptidase, is a proteolytic enzyme, which means its primary task is to break down proteins. This substance occurs naturally in the intestine of the silkworm and is used by the adult moth to dissolve the remains of the cocoon after metamorphosis takes place. As a supplement, serrapeptase is reputed to possess...

The Fantiastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla

For all Nikola Tesla fans,as well as Edward Cayce here is a great compilation of books on Amazon. There is also the Body Electric written by Dr.Robert O.Becker, which we highly recommend for those that are looking for a deeper understanding of the effects of High Frequency on the Body.


Nikola Tesla bobblehead

How exciting!

Finally after a long time waiting the Nikola Tesla bobble heads have arrived at Weird Stuff. We worked with Mike Emiglio from MFX to bring these to fruition and it was well worth the wait.
Perfect for any Tesal fanatic, so place your order to get in time for Christmas )

Stay tune for more on Nikola Tesla from...

Signed Tesla Bust Available at Weird Stuff

For all of the Tesla Enthusiasts out you go.

After searching for years for a Tesla Bust to purchase, Weird Stuff has commissioned a sculptor to make avaliable a Tesla Bust for those true Tesla Fans.

These are beautiful limited editions by the sculptor composed of cold cast porcelain and signed. Size is 19 inches tall...

Original Antique Tesla Violet Ray Machine Buy , Sell and Service.

Original Antique Violet Ray Machines are available at Weird Stuff Store for sale,however, we also buy and Service as well. Prices vary depending on the type of machine and the number of attachments.Our basic model which includes a general surface electrode, and metal bar for an all over cellular massage, are reconditioned to function as they...

Original Antique Violet Ray  Attatchements

We also have Original Antique Violet Ray Attachments for sale at Weird Stuff. These attachments vary in price depending on the scarcity and if we have them in stock.
Please email us if there is a particular wand you are looking for, to use with your violet rays.

Tesla Purple Energy Plates

For sale we have the tesla purple energy plates known to "slowly raise the vibratory frequency of those who uses them", according to Linda Goodman's Book Star Signs. The plates are also recommended for pain relief.The size of the most common plate which can be carried in a pocket or purse, or used to change the energy of water or food is 2 and...

Purple Circle 4 Pets

These are the medallions that are the same as the Tesla Purple Energy Plates for pets. The dimensions of this medallion are one and a half inches in dinameter. Also great to put under an animals bowl of food or water.
This size is also great for adults to wear around the neck or in a pocket.
For more information about this magical...

Master Distributors of Dr. Willard's Catalyst Altered Water

Weird Stuff is now offering the incredible Dr.Willard's Catalyst Water.Ingredients are Water,Sodium Meta Silicate,Calcium Chloride, Sulfated Castor Oil, Magnesium Sulfate,Fossilized Organics.
U.S Patent #3893943 & 4084938.
The PH of Dr. Willard's Catalyst Altered Water is highly alkaline at 12.7. It is a non-carbonated mineral...