Signed Tesla Bust Available at Weird Stuff

Signed Tesla Bust Available at Weird Stuff
Product description: 

For all of the Tesla Enthusiasts out you go.

After searching for years for a Tesla Bust to purchase, Weird Stuff has commissioned a sculptor to make avaliable a Tesla Bust for those true Tesla Fans.

These are beautiful limited editions by the sculptor composed of cold cast porcelain and signed. Size is 19 inches tall by 9 inches wide,Tesla's head is real size!

There are 2 versions avaliable, one is the old world classic look, and the other is a real bronze finish mixed into the process, which is not painted or gilded.

These Tesla busts are also avaliable in Bronze Metal Cast, please contact us for further information.

Tesla's future is our present, so for those who are fans of Tesla, this Tesla Bust is a great Collectible to add to your collection. It is great as a gift for someone's office, study, or business.

Stay tuned to Weird Stuff....always on the cusp of tomorrow!