Colloidal Silver-Award Winner at BASEF for the Weird Stuff Award

Colloidal Silver-Award Winner at BASEF for the Weird Stuff Award
Colloidal Silver-Award Winner at BASEF for the Weird Stuff Award

Hi there Weird Stuff fans,

For the last 2 years Weird Stuff has been giving a Weird Stuff Award to that student that thinks outside the box. For that project that challenges conventional thinking.

This years award was a working UFO detector, that's right everyone! A Tesla library and a Tesla purple Energy plate.

It was a very exciting year at the BASEF, Bay Area Science Engineering Fair. There were so many incredible projects. This year the Special Award from Weird Stuff went to Inga Muser from Appelby College for her experiment on Colloidal Silver. Below is a brief summary of her purpose and findings.


The purpose of the experiment was to determine if colloidal silver had any affect on E-Coli growth.

Two experiments were conducted. One used two 96 well plates, the other used solid LB media on petri dishes.
Ampicilin was used in both experiments to act as a control to ensure the E-Coli could be killed.
Both experiments used the exact same concentrations of colloidal silver and the same solution of E-Coli and LB media.


The results showed that Colloidal Silver DOES have an effect on E-Coli partcularily in it's higher concentrations.

The experiment proved Colloidal Silver may possess antibiotic properties.


The results showed that the hypothesis was correct in one way and incorrect in another. They showed that higher
concentrations of colloidal silver WILL kill E-Coli (which was what the hypothesis stated). But the results also showed that the lower concentration worked as well, not to the extent of the higher concentrations but they did work regardless.

BRAVO Inga for a job well done!!

I guess the real question is if this is true and there is alot of research to prove that it is, then why is it so expensive, and hard to find on the drug store shelves for ailments? When you look in the cold remedy sections there are hundreds of different types of things to help with colds and sore throats, yet to find colloidal silver it is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.

Thru all of the years of pharmaceuticals an 18 billion dollar industry per year the true benefits of Colloidal Silver were lost. Maybe it was because there was no propriortory process therfore making it unpatentable.

Hopefully with more research from our youth it will bring out the truth about the benefits of Colloidal Silver once again as our ancestors and those before them knew.

Stay tuned for more Weird and interesting Stuff,