Weird Stuff Antiques and Collectible Store

Weird Stuff Antiques and Collectible Store
Weird Stuff Antiques and Collectible Store

The definition of Weird is uncanny,supernatural,strange, connected with fate, and destiny. We hope you enjoy your journey into the Weird Stuff Store the most Unusual antique and collectible store in the City of Hamilton.Here, one can find anything ranging from the hottest vinyl,great art deco and 50's lighting, Talevera hand painted sinks from Mexico,vintage coca cola, and of course vintage Marilyn, Elvis and Betty Page memorabilia.

Whether you are looking for that special gift for someone who has everything,or just looking for the last piece to finish off your collection, bar or house, Weird Stuff is the place to go.

We believe in protecting History. Weird Stuff is like a little time capsule from as early as the turn of the 19th century.Finding the right home for these collectibles and antiques from days gone by is one of the best moments of the day. This also protects our environment by making what is old new again.

Rotation of stock is quite frequent so it is always a good idea to check in on what's new by going to our Virtual Tour. We often receive WW1 and WW11 and collectibles such as medals, original uniforms and bayonettes.

We are also moving towards Energy and Health by introducing the Antique Medical Device invented by Nikola Tesla called the Violet Ray.To view our short video on the history and use of the Violet Ray by Tesla click

One can find books on Metaphysics and the Secrets of life,and possibly run into the authors while they are visiting the store.

Weird Stuff Antiques also deals with suppressed healing methods of the past such as Colloidal Silver,Dr.Willard's Water, and fermented Cod Liver Oil.

Weird Stuff Antiques also brings the best and newest crystals from Brazil such as the "Sanctuary Stone" for all to benefit from.

Come by and visit us to find the treasure that you have been searching for and enjoy your experience.

We are located in Hamilton, Ontario.

Weird Stuff Antiques works daily to bring you the best antiques for you,your family and friends.So the next time you visit Hamilton please come and visit us at Weird Stuff.

Vic and Cheryl