The History of Colloidal Silver Water

Silver has been recorded and known through History as a preventitive , and as a treatment for disease.
It is known that Caesar would not go to battle unless all of his men had water in silver flasks, pioneers used silver coins in their milk bottles to keep it fresh as they had no means to refigerate it, the wealthy were known to eat with silver utensils and plates even though gold was avaliable and did not tarnish like silver. Around 1880 a scientist by the name of Georg Bredig developed a particular process for producing this silver elixir. He did this by placing two silver elecrodes under water, causing an electrical arc between the electrodes. He used an electrical voltage charge to produce this arc, which ate away the silver to form a silver colloid of very small particle size in a positive ionic form (an ion is an electrically charged atom}. This product did NOT cause argyria, (a condition where the skin turns grey or blue) and was much more effective than powdered silver or silver nitrate that had been used before by physicians. The negative nitrate ion is poisonous.

I know that Oprah had a man on her show that had been drinking colloidal silver water and he turned blue. So now unfortunately there are many who had seen the show that are afraid of taking colloidal silver to help as a treatment or to treat a disease qs they are afraid of turning blue. Well, all I can say to that is one can turn orange from drinking to much carrot juice too, but I still eat carrots. Basically, as the old saying goes "everything in moderation".

Currently silver is being used in certain hospitals as a liner in IV tubes as it decreases the liklihood of MRSA and other bacterias.

At the BASEF Scinece Fair this year, Inga Muser a grade 7 student did her project on colloidal silver using ampicillin as the control against E-Coli. Her results showed that silver was actually better than ammpicillin in killing E-Coli.
In fact, the lab doing the testing were so shocked at the results that they did the testing twice, of course finding the same end. For more on this experiment please go to this link,

There are certain beliefs by some that they will turn blue by drinking silver, or that it is a heavy metal and not inert. I personally have been drinking colloidal silver made from our colloidal silver maker for over two years now, and so far I have not turned any shade of blue. In fact I have had my blood tested and found that my silver level is above normal. Now that my body is saturated and full of negative ions I just take colloidal silver when I feel I need it. Especially good I find before travelling on a plane.

I have therefore forwarded questions to Ray Kraniuk Ph.D to clarify for you the misconceptions of colloidal silver.

There is also a great link on colloidal silver at

Cheers to silver for your health!!