Laurence Fishburne is a Tesla Fan!!

Laurence Fishburne is a Tesla Fan!!
Laurence Fishburne is a Tesla Fan!!

I had the pleasure to meet Laurence Fishburne on the set of Hannibal while he was filming last week in Toronto. When finding out that he had just received a Tesla car, someone who worked with him told him about the Tesla Violet Ray. I could hardly contain my excitement when I found out he is now the proud owner of a Tesla Model S motor car. He informed me that he was put on the waiting list that Tesla motors had created and was number 2400.

His number came up about 2 months ago when the car showed up at his door with of course someone from the dealership to show him how all of the bells and whistles worked.It kind of reminded me of the old days when you would hear about the vacuum salesman showing up at the door with his vacuum cleaner, but this is much more complicated LOL.

Knowing he had an interest in Tesla I had spoke with him about the Tesla Violet Ray , and to say the least he was extremely interested. On that note, we met on set and after a couple of hours of a demonstration and how it works,according to the original Dr.'s manual, Lawrence bought 2 of the Tesla Violet Rays.The Tesla bobble head was a must for his desk at home.

It is always inspirational to meet people who are of great acclaim support a suppressed way of green energy and health, in hopes that others will also inquire and be curious to the old and simple way of living.

Thanks to Laurence for such a memorable afternoon,

Stay tuned for more on Tesla and the Violet Ray,