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Oxygen Awakens Tumor Fighting Cells

Yet another article supporting the use of oxygen or oxone for terminal disease.

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Electricity and Life-From the Electrical Experimenter May 1917

This is a great article written by Dr. Frederick Finch Strong-lecturer on Electro-Therapeutics-Medical School Boston for the Electrical Experimenter May 1917.

In the March number of the Electrical Experimenter the author pointed out that high frquency currents,when properly tuned,acted as "Vital Boosters",increasing all the functions of the body and helping it to resist and throw off disease. This vitalizing effect is not due to the mere liberation of heat in the tissues,for it is produced by the very High voltage ("Tesla") currents as well as by the extremely low amperage ("D'Arsonval") currents from which the thermic effects are usually obtained.

Violet Ray Dental attachments

Violet Ray Dental attachments

These attachments are especially suited for Dentist's use.

I actually just found out what #43 was used for which is great. It is actually a dental attachment for carrying medicine in treatment of abscesses etc.
And all this time I thought it was used for corns.

Still so much to learn about this magical machine.

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Tesla and Ozone

One of my favourite Tesla quotes on Ozone,

"My favourite quote from Tesla on Ozone From Tesla's ozone patent ... 1896 ... To all whom it may concern,:
Be it known that I, NIKOLA TESLA, a citizen of the United States, residing at New York, in the county and State of New York, 5 have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Apparatus for Producing Ozone ... The invention subject of my present application has primarily as its object to provide a simple, cheap, anpparatus for the production of ozone."

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Plasma Beam Kills Leukemia

For all of the Violet Ray lovers out there this article was just sent to me, and wow, does it ever seem decide :)

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A Demonstration Video for the Tesla Violet Rays Machine

For all of the Tesla violet Ray fans out there,here is a condensed version of a demo on how to use the violet ray.

Click here for viewing

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Original Violet Ray Advertising

Original Violet Ray Advertising

Where Headaches Occur, and the Tesla Violet Ray

Where Headaches Occur, and the Tesla Violet Ray

Well have all had a headache here and there, however, there are some people that experience them more than I am sure they would like.

Headaches and Violet Rays make a great pair. Why? Because the Violet Rays is incredible for relieving pain with oxygenation.

If you refer to the diagram, headaches at A or B are congestive, frontal eye, frontal sinus or nasal disease, may cause the ache at A.

Also such pain may come, from disordered stomach, A-B from constipation,C-Anemia or bladder disease.

D-E from disorders of middle ear,or of throat,eyes or teeth.

E- Nervousness,spinal irritation,or female trouble.

So, if you are one prone to headaches, you may want to try the violet Rays for application.

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Violet Rays and Nature effects all Cures.

More info from the Preface of Electro-Therapeuticc hand Book about Violet Rays.

I just came across this little handbook brought in to the store by a picker who knows that I am always interested in old medical books and journals.

This handbook was published by Manhattan Electrical Supply Co. and compiled by Edward Trevert.

In the Preface it simplifies the use of the Violet Rays and it's purpose.

"Nature effects all cures.Medicine,care,nursing and diet simply aid nature in the healing process. Many drugs

The Stratospheric Misunderstanding of Ozone

Let's clarify OZONE once and for all.

It is true that ozone in excessively high levels can cause breathing trouble, but the part that is never mentioned is that you breathe ozone every day—it's a normal part of your air supply, and a normal part of Earth's atmosphere. It is only when ozone levels are excessive that health problems can occur. After all, even water, fire, and sunlight can be harmful in excess.

Unfortunately, like many other commercial examples, ozone has gotten a bad rap from manufacturers who have used negative marketing to their advantage, jumping on the ozone-will-kill-you bandwagon in an attempt to skewer the competition.

"That Air Guy" gives a great overview of what ozone is and how it's crucial to life on Earth:

Health and the violet Rays

For all of the Violet Rays Enthusiasts:

Health is your most priceless asset."The Violet Rays High Frequency generator has been clinically tested and approved by Dr.Noble M.Eberhart m M.D,Ph D,D.C.L,formerly head of Department of Physiologic Therapeutics,Medical Department of Loyola University.....formerly head of Electrotherapy,Chicago of Medicine and of Eberhart's High Frequency Manual.

For a look at an original manual check out our site, under Tesla Energy Center.

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The Discovery of Violet Rays by Tesla

For those who need a simple definition of Violet rays, this is it.

"You have no doubt often seen a fountain and watched with pleasure the fine,soft mist which fell gently about it.This idea has been applied to electricity. Taking a strong, powerful electric current it is transformed into a soothing,invigorating spray which is not only absolutely harmless but exceedingly pleasant and beneficial to use". (Shelton Violet Rays)

I often compare this to the mist when watching Niagara Falls, which incidentally Tesla designed the generator for.

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Healing the Sciatica with Violet Rays

Hello Weird Stuff Enthusiasts,

One of my most favorite things about violet Rays is the paper work that came with it. Often a certificate of guarantee was inserted in the box with an original Dr's instructions for operating.

In the newest Renulife manual Weird Stuff has received, they talk about the Sciatica. Anyone who has suffered from Sciatica pain knows how unbearable it can be.

For such cases it is recommended to use the surface electrode or mushroom rays along the course of the nerve and over the lower part of the spine.The irritated nerves are quickly soothed.

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The Tesla violet Ray and the Color Violet

I am often asked about the color violet with respect to the Tesla violet ray. This color has long been associated with the highest frequency in the visible spectrum.

This is the color which Tesla felt was the healing color connecting all of us together.It is important to remember that one of Tesla's protocols was to increase the energy of the human body therefore increasing the efficiency of fighting disease.

To the ancients,this transcendental color was a spiritual rather than a physical phenomenon.

Enjoy the healing power of the Tesla violet Ray.

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Headaches and the Tesla Violet Ray.

Headaches are a pain especially for those who get Migraines. I have seen incredible results by using the machine for both.

How to Beat that Run-Down Condition with the Violet Ray.

For those who are dealing with fatigue, or feeling run-down....don't despair the Violet Ray is here.

Another precise excerpt from the Super Marvel Violet Ray manual deals with fatigue.

"General weakness,tiredness loss of weight,lack of appetite,usually indicate anemia or impoverished blood and poor circulation. Violet Ray High-Frequency Generators stand alone as the most potent treatment known to science in giving quick relief to such disorders. Treatment is taken with the surface electrode over the entire body,twice daily using a medium current".

Again, in my opinion the metal all over surface electrode is great for this as well.

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What are Electricity,Galvanism and Magnetism?

Hi there Violet Ray Enthusiasts,

I came across this quote from Napoloean Bonaparte dated 1815.

"What are electricity,galvanism,and magnetism? In these lies the great secret of nature"

Tesla considered himself a discoverer not an inventor....he was discovering things that already existed and utilized them.

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An Introduction to the Antique Violet Ray.

To all of the Antique Violet Ray Enthusiasts out there,

I always love to share other sites with those who are inquiring about the Antique Violet Ray.

I have come across this on which has a great introduction on the Antique Violet Ray.

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The Violet Ray for Bronchitis.

For all of the Violet Ray Enthusiasts, here is a great tip.

I don't know about you, but there seem to be alot of people walking around with bronchitis.....leading into walking neumonia.

Antibiotics after antibiotics, and yet a very slow and long recovery,deplenishing the immune system of friendly bacteria.

According to the Physician's Directions for Renulife Treatments written in 1926 there is a very simple application of the violet ray for Bronchitis.

"Treat over the chest and back for 4-5 minutes daily or every other day. Use the electrode #1 and a medium-strong current preferably treating thru a quarter inch of clothing. It is desirable that the treatment should redden the surface."

The Violet Wand and Excercise...

Hi there Violet Ray Wand entusiasts,

Well, tis the season for New Year's Resolutions and new beginnings. I know that for many of us getting fit and in shape is one of them.

Starting working out and excercising last week was a real shock to my body.....even though it is worth it in the long run, doesn't make walking down the stairs any easier when one has done to many squats LOL.

Personally, I find that 2 uses of the violet ray wand on the day after does wonders for a quick recovery helping your body regenerate and renew helping you to stay on track.

What a difference it makes in supplying the body with oxygen to the cells, tissues and nerves. I couldn't believe after using it that it was the quickest recovery that I have ever had from those initial workout pains.

Misconceptions About Violet Ray Devices.

Are you thinking of adding an Antique Violet Ray to your collection?

Here is an interesting article clearing up some misconceptions about Violet Ray Devices.

The basic violet ray machine is a portable form of the Tesla Coil. it is based on some of the early coil's Tesla built in his Houston Street Laboratory.

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What will Super High Frequency with the Violet Ray Generator Do For You!

What will Super High Frequency with the Violet Ray Generator Do For You!

Hi there Tesla Violet Ray Entusiasts,

According to the Super High Frequency Maunual dated 1930, "it stimulates and regulates the circulation of the blood,forcing it to carry away the waste and poisons from the body. It vitalizes or brings back to normal the many thousands of tissues throughout the body.It quites the nerves equalizes the circulation and restores normal rest, followed by pleasant and refreshing sleep.It also increases intake of oxygen through the pores, causing them to throw out impurities and breathe,or take in oxygen.And most important of all,IT GIVES A GENERAL REJUVENATION OR "TUNE-UP OF THE ENTIRE BODY."

A Branston Violet Ray Special Notice A Blessing in the Home.

For all of the Tesla Violet Ray enthusiasts,

Just found this great little special notice on the back of the Branston Violet Ray Manual.

A Blessing in the Home~"Remember that every member of the family can enjoy the vitalizing power.A nervous headache will be banished in a few minutes.For a severe bruise or knock use it immediately and you will be surprised at the way in whcih the soreness will disappear, leaving no trace or discoloration. Use your Branston Violet Ray for minor ailments as well as for the more serious"

The office for the Branston Violet Ray was located at 58 Stewart Street, Toronto,Canada.

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Master Violet Ray Manual from Early American Energy Medicine

To all of those who are interested in another Manual other than the one we already have on the Weird stuff site for the Tesla Violet Ray, I came across this one on the Master Violet Ray from the Early American Energy Medicine.

Although there were possibly 30-40 different manufacturers of the Tesla Violet Ray..they all had the Tesla Coil and were known as High Frequency Machines that oxygenated the blood the cells, the tissues and the nerves. When it comes to repairing nerve damage, this machine is like no other.It is miraculous actually in my opinion.

For more information click on

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The Violet Wand and Ozone.

Hi there Violet Wand Enthusiasts,

We have all heard about how oxygenation kills disease, and I can't talk enough about it's importance.I personally love the smell of oxone produced by the violet wand, and when ever I feel like I may be catching a cold, I simply inhale the ozone for 5 deep breaths in order for it to reach my lungs.

According to the Branston Violet Ray Manual in fact "when you inhale Ozone, you take into your lungs, and through your lungs into the blood,life sustaining and purifying Oxygen in it's most potent form" (Branston).

I can certainly say beyond a doubt that after inhaling a couple of deep breaths of negative ions, within minutes I feel an incredible difference.

Who knew that something so old, could in my opinion do great wonders.