Headaches and the Tesla Violet Ray.

Headaches are a pain especially for those who get Migraines. I have seen incredible results by using the machine for both.

Another great excerpt from the Super Marvel Violet Ray Machine."When the blood collects in pools throughout the body, it becomes stagnant. One of the most troublesome of these is the cavity in the skull where it directly affects the brain. This causes headaches,brain fog, and Insomnia.Everyone knows that prolonged mental effort will bring about a congestion in the brain that dulls our power of thought.When this is demanded over a long period of time, circulation is impaired, the nerves irritated and the familiar, dull headache results.The general treatment is to use the surface electrode and apply it to the different parts of the head, thereby relieving the congestion.

Personally I find working on the back of the neck is a great trigger point for relieving headaches, or using the all over cellular electrode.

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