The Violet Ray for Bronchitis.

For all of the Violet Ray Enthusiasts, here is a great tip.

I don't know about you, but there seem to be alot of people walking around with bronchitis.....leading into walking neumonia.

Antibiotics after antibiotics, and yet a very slow and long recovery,deplenishing the immune system of friendly bacteria.

According to the Physician's Directions for Renulife Treatments written in 1926 there is a very simple application of the violet ray for Bronchitis.

"Treat over the chest and back for 4-5 minutes daily or every other day. Use the electrode #1 and a medium-strong current preferably treating thru a quarter inch of clothing. It is desirable that the treatment should redden the surface."

I personally have beaten this stage of illness, which use to come very easily. The first thing that I do when I feel like I might be getting run down is to use my violet ray...breathe in the ozone above the lip area....and drink lots and lots of Colloidal Silver Water.

Stay tune for more on the Tesla Violet Ray from Weird Stuff.