Violet Rays and Nature effects all Cures.

More info from the Preface of Electro-Therapeuticc hand Book about Violet Rays.

I just came across this little handbook brought in to the store by a picker who knows that I am always interested in old medical books and journals.

This handbook was published by Manhattan Electrical Supply Co. and compiled by Edward Trevert.

In the Preface it simplifies the use of the Violet Rays and it's purpose.

"Nature effects all cures.Medicine,care,nursing and diet simply aid nature in the healing process. Many drugs
are poisonous and therefore harmful:hence the argument in favor of Electrical treatments. Electricity does nearly all that drugs can do and leaves no poison behind in the system.It is both a tonic and sedative.Properly used it is a safe remedy that can be placed in the hands of any person of ordinary intelligence.
Science knows only cold facts:it knows nothing of superstition and performs no miracles. It has no secrets.
What knowledge it gains,it gives to the world for the benefit of all."

Stay tune for more on the Tesla Violet Rays from Weird Stuff,