Where Headaches Occur, and the Tesla Violet Ray

Where Headaches Occur, and the Tesla Violet Ray

Well have all had a headache here and there, however, there are some people that experience them more than I am sure they would like.

Headaches and Violet Rays make a great pair. Why? Because the Violet Rays is incredible for relieving pain with oxygenation.

If you refer to the diagram, headaches at A or B are congestive, frontal eye, frontal sinus or nasal disease, may cause the ache at A.

Also such pain may come, from disordered stomach, A-B from constipation,C-Anemia or bladder disease.

D-E from disorders of middle ear,or of throat,eyes or teeth.

E- Nervousness,spinal irritation,or female trouble.

So, if you are one prone to headaches, you may want to try the violet Rays for application.

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