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The Tesla Electric Car that almost Triumphed.

For all of the Tesla Enthusiasts,

I have been doing some research on the mystery of the 1931 Tesla auto that ran on no battery.

The power source of this car is still a mystery which doesn't surprise me in the least knowing what a genius Tesla was.

Here is a great read by the Tesla Motor Club on the car for more information

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Wireless Electricity of Nikola Tesla

Hi there Tesla Fans,

I often have a discussion about the AC/DC war between Eddison and Tesla, and have found this article which gives a clear concise definition between the two.

For a great read check this link

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Tesla Motors Rock!

Hi there Tesla Entusiasts,

I know we would all love to own a Roadster one day,and the fact that the Tesla Roadster is the most efficient production sports car on the market today says it all.

Maybe it's because Tesla is my hero!I am so happy that the light is finally being shone on his genius ability to get us off of fossil fuels......

For more information check this out http://www.teslamotors.com/goelectric/efficiency

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NIkola Tesla the Man

To all of the Nikola Tesla fans....one of my favourite sayings of him.

"The Energy of a single thought could determine the movement of the Universe" Nikola Tesla.

I wonder how different the world would be if we had made different choices?

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New Tesla Tokyo Aoyama Showroom!

Wow, could it get any better??

There's a new Tesla Tokyo Aoyama Showroom at Aoyama Tokyo. The best thing about it in my opinion is the fact that you can get the Roadster 2.5 which is available for customers in either left or right hand drive.

For more info check this out http://www.teslamotors.com/about/press/releases/tesla-opens-tokyo-aoyama...

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Electric Car Questions and Answers~All about Electric Cars!

Foe all of the Clean Energy and Electric Car Lovers out there, this is a great link to answer any questions that you may have....check it out http://www.electriccarquestions.com/

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Panasonic invests 30 Million in electric Car Maker Tesla

For all of the Tesla Entusiasts this is more great news from Tesla Motors.

Panasonic Corp is investing 30 million dollars in Tesla Motors Inc the U.S maker of Electric Sports Cars,eyeing expansion in the Global market for Green vehicles both sides said Thursday.

For mor on this go to http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Panasonic-invests-30M-in-apf-2266737875.ht...

Another great move for Tesla Motors,

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Violet Ray Machine

Violet Ray Machine

To all of the Violet Ray Entusiasts out there, this comes from an old Super High Frequency Generator Manual that was purchased in Oct 1930.

This puts it into a nutshell "There is nothing that is more important to the home than a Super High Frequency Violet Ray. Our body belongs to ourselves;health is our most important concern.If we do not take care of our health, we will suffer".

"Good Health is the most precious jewel! It is within the reach of all by the use of the Super High Frequency Violet Ray Generator. It has been TRUTHFULLY said that High Frequency is the most Wonderful Electrical Invention".

"That is very true, because it concerns your health and happiness, without which life is hardly worth while".

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Tesla Motors is World's First EV Manufacturer to Enter Competitive Motorsport in the UK!

Hi Tesla Enthusiasts,

Well, 2010 is the year for the first official motor race that included EV's in the UK held at the Historic Goodwood Circuit. Tesla Motors became the World's first EV manufacturer to enter competitive motorsport in the UK. For more click here http://www.teslamotors.com/blog/pedal-metal-it%e2%80%99s-sprint-finish

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Signed Tesla Bust Available at Weird Stuff

Signed Tesla Bust Available at Weird Stuff
Signed Tesla Bust Available at Weird Stuff

For all of the Tesla Enthusiasts out there....here you go.

After searching for years for a Tesla Bust to no avail,Weird Stuff has commissioned a sculptor to make avaliable a Tesla Bust for those true Tesla Fans.

These are beautiful signed limited editions by the sculptor composed of cold cast porcelain and signed. Size is 19 inches tall by 9 inches wide,Tesla's head is real size!

There are 2 versions avaliable, one is the old world classic look, and the other is a real bronze finish mixed into the process, which is not painted or gilded.

These Tesla busts are also avaliable in Bronze Metal Cast, please contact us for further information.

The News on Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

To all Tesla Motor Enthusiasts,

Just in.... there will be a Major Install of EV charging stations at Mall of America. The onwner and provider of Car Charging Group is planning to install in Minnesota, the nation's largest retail and entertainment complex covering 4.2 million square feet, and 13,000 parking spaces.

In a recent report it is estimated that there will be 4.7 million residential, public, private and workplace charging stations installed globally from 2010-2015.There should be 1 million charging stations in the US by 2015.

This will definitely inspire consumers to go Electric as it allows for more convenient charging.

Tesla roadster Qualifies for Japan EV rebates.

Great news for the Tesla enthusiasts in Japan.

Tesla Motors Inc has qualified for the Japanese goverment clean energy plan knocking off up to 3.24 million yen (38,490) from the price of the Roadster.


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I LOVE this video on Nikola Tesla

Hey there, Tesla Enthusiasts,

A friend of mine just sent me this video on Tesla ...and I have to say that it is one of my favourites. It is simple, and informative....and great for kids!!!

Check it out. http://www.wimp.com/nikolatesla/

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Update of Production and Delivery of Tesla Cars to Customers

Well Tesla Entusiasts...as the saying goes "good things come to those who wait"....and I think it will be well worth it for this Tesla Roadster....check it out

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Tesla 2010 Extraordinary Tech Conference

This is the 2010 Extraordinary Tesla Tech Conference for all of you Tesla Enthusiasts.

Have fun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kl5rFBFM1Dw&feature=digest

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Nikola Tesla predicts mobile phones in 1909

Well, who would have thought that not only did Tesla have 700 patents before he passed, he also had an incredible insight into what the future would hold for future generations.

As early as 1909 in an article for the New York times published in Popular Mechanics one of my favourite magazines, Tesla stated that it would soon be possible for someone in NY for example to dictate instructions and have them appear in type as far aways as London, or eleswhere.It would be necessary to carry an instrument no bigger than a watch, which will enable the person to hear anywhere on sea or land for thousands of miles.

Again, Tesla shows us how far ahead he was, and it is understandable why he was so misunderstood by

Tesla Enthusiasts awaiting the Arrival of the Tesla Model S Sedan.

You know one is a true Tesla Enthusiast when there is a line up just waiting for the new arrival of the Telsa Motors Model S Sedan.

That's right #1 off the block will be going to Venture Capitalist Steve Jurvetson, and #2 is going to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Tesla Stock Soars after IPO

Welcome to the Electric Car Movememt.

After their first day of trading Tesla Motor stock rose as much as 11% defying a general downward trend in North american markets.For more on this click on http://www.cbc.ca/m/rich/money/story/2010/06/29/tesla-ipo.html

I realize that it is going to take some time, however this is a huge step in the right direction.

Thanks Telsa Motors for making a clean, efficient electric car.

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Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla July 10

Happy Birthday Mr. Tesla!!

Today is a special day indeed. The Master of Lightning, the Forgotten Wizard Nikola Tesla was born in 1943 to Serbian parents in Croatia.He.was a visionary inventor, with 700 patents including the basis for AC Current.

If you happen to be in Philly which is the home of the Tesla Science Foundation, and the host for the Nikola Tesla Energy Independence celebrations definitely check it out.
The event is being held July 9th and 10th with lectures,presentations and events.

For more information http://www.teslasociety.com/happybirthdaytesla_1.htm

The future is yours Mr. Tesla!

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Tesla Motors Luxury Sadan

For all of those who want freedom from oil, what a better way to kick the habit than by investing in a Luxury Sedan manufactured by Tesla Motors.For this product,they have partnered with Toyota Motor corp who has invested 50 million dollars giving them 2.5% of Tesla Motors.http://www.cbc.ca/money/story/2010/06/15/tesla-ipo-electric-car.html

The Luxury Sedan should be on the market by 2012, and I for one am very excited to see Tesla's dream of an Electric car come true.

When conscious consumers are given a choice, they make the right one!

Thanks Tesla Motors for a job well done.

Why I LOVE Tesla Motor Cars!!

Hi there Tesla Motor Enthusiasts,

After this BP oil Spill of 20,000 to 50,0000 barrels of oil a day soaking our beaches, and destroying our ecosystem and wildlife, I am really hoping that people who are familiar with Tesla's work, and tired of being addicted to dirty oil will definitely consider switching to this type of clean,and energy efficient vehicle.

If we had followed Tesla's protocols, one being to decrease net pollution, I am sure that we would be living in a cleaner world today.However, the powers that be were not able to make money on Free energy.

Tesla once told Eddison that the present may be yours....but the future is mine.