As an ordained Metaphysician...

As an ordained Metaphysician, Energy Healing Practitioner and Instructor, Reflexologist, and Empowerment Coach, I have been exposed to many modalities and concepts.

I was recently introduced to the Violet Ray and have been excited and thrilled with the results I have witnessed.

I had heard of Nicola Tesla and knew a little about him, however I had not known about this wonderful little healing tool.

I have had the honour of watching individuals receive pain relief in as little as 10 minutes for minor pains such as headaches and backaches and up to a 70% recovery from major back pain or chronic leg pain/aches in just a few short treatments.

I have been especially impressed with the difference it makes with people who have nerve damage or circulation issues. To date, it has shown to make a marked and sustained improvement.

Tracey Ruggiero
New Realm Healing