The Tesla Violet Ray

"The Tesla Violet Ray is a healing device that I use on a daily basis for many health benefits including, lifting depression, removing headaches, improving circulation, healing cold sores and for generally boosting energy levels and my immune system. It has also at times dramatically helped my hands when they were stiff and sore from working as a part time massage practitioner. Friends have also benefited: Judy, an O.R. nurse at the McMaster Medical Center, had been suffering with a migraine headache for three days and medication was not helping. I gave her a treatment and within fifteen minutes her headache had completely disappeared. Another friend Erella , who suffers from a brain tumor and the pain of severe headaches, also benefited greatly from daily treatments. After a charge from the Tesla Violet Ray, I always feel much calmer, balanced and invigorated.... and without any negative side effects!!" Jocelyne Lanois