The Tesla Violet Ray-knee health

From a very young age my father spoke of the great Serbian inventor NikolaTesla. While initially perceived as boast full pride for a fellow countryman I quickly realized Tesla's inventions and life's work confirmed my initial curiosity and evolved into total wonder. Not only did he light the world he promoted health.

Although my interest's encompassed a lot of his electrical and mechanical inventions I was completely in the dark until a good friend introduced me to the Violet Ray. Perhaps one of the greatest secrets suppressed by Flexner, AMA, FDA and the Pharmopolies and countless others have denied us a once commonplace effective tool to relieve suffering and pain.

After the principle was explained I was given a treatment. I bought one and a few others since.Why? Fortunately, I experience relatively good health. My only consistent reminder of advancing age is a "gimpy" right knee. I embraced the violet ray fully cognizant my wife and medical friends would raise their eyebrows when I explained what this machine does. I frankly didn't care because I was convinced it would help. As it happened my right knee was very uncomfortable after an awkward lift on the job. I iced it and nursed it along until I got home after my shift. I treated the painful area for about 10 minutes rested the rest of the evening. I woke up the next morning and it felt great! No drugs, knee braces just some deep electrical activity, increased oxygen singlets and voila!

Thank you Dr. Tesla! We have embraced these new...old technologies because there are profiteers at work that only care about treating your medical symptoms not curing your underlying disease states. The violet ray is one tool in my medical bag that has proven effective and I hope others will educate and empower themselves to attain good health.

We have to develop a new sense of wonder and ask the question why was Nicola Tesla and his violet ray almost forgotten?

Chedomir Zivic