Mitochondria Regeneration- The trillions of cells each have an engine that needs recharging- High Frequency Violet Ray does the job.

I have been an avid researcher looking for ways to bring the body back to health and vitality in a holistic way, free from damaging side effects. Working in the film industry behind the scenes is not a glamorous job as most people outside the field believe, but it is rewarding in many ways. I purchased my Renulife unit with several attachments from Cheryl in the early part of April 2011 and it has been a God send, I use it to charge my body before a long 12 to 16 hour day, the feeling I get with just 6 minutes holding the metal bar is invigorating, I also use the glass attachment on my lower spine, my stomach and navel area, my neck, my hands addressing my acupuncture points,on my face with my certified organic moisturizer my face glows and looks fresh and renewed, my scalp is stimulated, I have also used it for sciatic pain and it works to take pain away.

I am so impressed and have seen the benefits of my Violet Ray that I have taken it to set and introduced it to some of my fellow workers with great success, they could not believed how good it made them feel and look and without hesitation 2 have purchased units with the rest waiting for free time to get to the "Weird Stuff" store.

I sincerely hope that you will see the value of this amazing technology that Nicola Tesla discovered.For validation go to and search Violet Ray machine 1/4 and you will see an interview singing the praises of the "Violet Ray machine".

With thanks and gratitude to Cheryl for bringing this amazing technology into my life.

Fina Khan
Ontario, Canada.